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School Council

School Council

We are a group of parents who are interested and motivated to make our children's learning environment an exceptional place for life long skills. We are committed to supporting the staff at our school and see the value of providing a bridge between the school and families that are brought together here.  As a council, we hope to enhance student experiences, nurture connections, foster goodwill, enrich our school community and build a legacy. Our agenda is usually geared towards events that are happening in our school community, with a synopsis provided by the school administration. A major part of our goals are fundraising initiatives that allow our school council to provide financial support to our teaching faculty or general operating resources for our physical building.

 We are mandated to meet at least 4 times throughout the school calendar year.

What you can do: 

  • Join School Council as a voting member. This requires to attend all meetings that are set.  

  • Come to School Council meetings to obtain information and share your opinions, without actually being a voting member. All council meetings are open to parents and the general public. 

  • Volunteer some time to help out with initiatives, fundraising, etc.

The School Council would like to hear from you. Would you like to participate in the school council? Give us some feedback? Or have some Ideas for an event? Email us at

2022-2023 Executive Team

Chair: Darko M.

Treasurer: Filomena S.

Secretary: Izabella L.

Staff Representative: Various

Community Representative: TBD

Please click below for access to our meeting minutes: